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Magazine Articles

These articles have been published both online and in print format via a magazine.

Tips for overcoming imposter syndrome as a freelance writer

June 2023

Written for Life Lovers Magazine, a publication dedicated to female empowerment, career exploration, travel and lifestyle.

I wrote this piece in regards to a common phenomenon known as 'imposter syndrome', which affects new and experienced freelance writers alike. I wrote with personal experience and included tips that have helped me in my journey as a writer, to create a piece that other writers could identify with and draw strength from when feeling insecure.

Writer’s Rejection: Tips for Never Giving Up, Even After a Thousand Knockbacks

December 2023

Another piece for Life Lovers Magazine, I wrote this article for writers like myself who have to deal with professional rejection on a daily basis.

Mental health and wellness in the freelancing community is at an all time low and I believe it's very important to touch on subjects like this. It can remind fellow freelancers that they aren't alone.

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