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Social Media Management

The Secret Garden Rooms

Since September 2023

In this role, I manage a local aesthetics and beauty business' social media pages: Instagram and Facebook. This involves creating quality content that's visually interesting, easy to digest, and capable of converting page and profile visitors into paying clients.

This was done through the use of social media SEO, relevant beauty hashtags, and networking with other local businesses. As a result, local custom has widened by 30 miles, when before the business' customer base only existed within a 1 to 2 mile radius. 

I have created high performing posts in various areas, including:

  • Before & After Images

  • Current Offers

  • Seasonal Content, such as Halloween and the company's 9th anniversary

  • Giveaways & Competitions

  • Reels

  • Digital Display adverts placed throughout our local area

I've also managed and maintained the business' website, optimising it for search engines and routinely updating product information. This has required an intermediate understanding of the Wordpress CMS, including troubleshooting and server maintenance.

Since managing this side of online content, website visits and form submissions have increased by 50%.

I've also incorporated SMS marketing, to entice users with early and exclusive offers straight to their phone. Customers have been responsive to this line of marketing, and sign ups have been quick.

Since starting work for The Secret Garden Rooms, social media engagement rates have increased by over 500% compared to the previous 6 to 8 months, with around 80% of new customers finding us as a result of the social media content I've designed and uploaded.

Social Media Management: Work
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