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ADHD Writing

As a freelance writer with ADHD, I've written articles for both websites and publications detailing my lived experience.
My aim is to pass on tips that have worked for me, as well as bring more light to the issue people with ADHD still face in the working world.

September 2022

ADHD Needs Early Diagnosis and Treatment

A personal essay about my struggle to get an ADHD diagnosis, both as a child and in young adulthood. This piece was written for the Inattentive ADHD Coalition.

January 2022

How to stay motivated as a working adult with ADHD

Written for Happiful Magazine; this article contains a short list of tips for working adults with ADHD to use to help them stay on task and beat deadlines. I draw from my own experience with ADHD, and simply hope to spark a few helpful, easy ideas for other writers and desk workers just like me.

This article was also published in the January 2022 printed edition of Happiful magazine. 

June 2019

The Struggle To Get An ADHD Diagnosis As An Adult

Written for 'Invisible Illness', a blog and publication striving to increase the dialogue around mental health issues. This article was chosen for sitewide recommendation by Medium Curators.

ADHD Writing: CV
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