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Blog Writing

Here I've listed some of the best blog posts I've created in my time as a freelance writer

July 2019

We Need To Explore More Options For Higher Education

Written for 'Age of Awareness', a blogging project which publishes stories that create a discussion around changing the way we learn, in innovative and sustainable ways.

July 2019

What Should Self Care Look Like?

This blog post was created to detail how self care be very different from the image we're presented in the media. Researching these contradictions was very interesting. Written for 'Mediocre Me', this article was recommended sitewide by Medium Curators.

July 2019

When Motivation Strikes In The Middle Of The Night

A piece for the publication 'A Few Words', a project which only accepts stories under 500 words long. Crafting a fully realised narrative in so few words was an enjoyable challenge.

June 2019

My Really Unhealthy Relationship With My Makeup

Written for 'The Ascent', a lifestyle publication and blog dedicated to showing readers how to live a happy and fulfilling lifestyle.

June 2019

Why Your Positive Statements Have Very Little Positive Impact

Also written for my personal blog 'Mediocre Me', this was a piece delving into the topic of mental health and how difficult it can be to change a negative mindset through words alone. This blog post was chosen for sitewide recommendation by Medium Curators.

June 2019

5 Little Ways To Take Some Better Work Breaks

Written for my personal blog 'Mediocre Me'. In this blog post I describe the benefits of breaks at work, and offer tips on how to take constructive breaks that refresh you. This article was chosen for sitewide recommendation by Medium Curators.

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